Self-cleaning mechanism for the solar panels


Solar panels, as already known to everyone, generate electricity , but there are threats that
hinder the process. According to research, accumulation of dust particles on photo elements
of solar power batteries, reducesto 35-40 % of energy efficiency.

The company’s next and also very important
inventory is a self-cleaning mechanism installed on
the solar panel

Self-cleaning mechanism for the solar panels


Dust and dirt, blocks solar energy, reduces efficiency and increases costs. According that the need to hire a
team of specialists and frequent cleaning of panels, in order not to reduce the efficiency and its advantages.
Such services are certainly expensive.

Therefore, in case of need, customers will be able to provide themselves comfortably and easily using the
application. Which will increase the efficiency of solar panels, and on the one hand it will significantly
reduce the risks and costs.

We would like to note that the company has

eradicated the current problem with installing a self-
cleaning mechanism on the panel, which can also be

managed by remotely using the application

Manage your windows using mobile app


Our goal is to set useful IoT systems for a living environments

We believe that smart houses are not just a concept from the future. This kind of
network systems could be set and Integrated in our daily life’s.

For demonstration all of this, we have created mobile app for controlling our smart
building materials.

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