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Irnero S

Irnero Standart

Stained-glass window with  Self-cleaning & ventilation  system

Irnero O3

Irnero Ozonator

Stained-glass window with  Self-cleaning & ventilation  System. Device enhances the  air with Ozone

Irnero CC

Irnero Clever Care

Stained-glass window with  Self-cleaning & ventilation

System. Smart components can

be added by customers choice.

CO sensor and etc.

Product Description


Stained-glass window

Stained-glass type windows are used as both office and residential  buildings. It is a type of window that is fixed and does not have ventilation  in most cases because this mechanism is quite expensive.
The window is distinguished by the standard frame and a miniature glass,  which allows you to get more light in the room and fit in to modern design  standards.
The stained-glass window is different of standard window, because it has
a thin frame and a large size glass.

Product Detail Information


K2 – Aluminum profile with smart system

K1 – Standard Aluminum  stained-glass window  

  • Maximum width: 1.8 M  Maximum Height: 3 M
  • Aluminum quality: premium class 6063
  • Profile is with thermal breaks
  • Required Voltage for system: 12 Volt
  • Used power: 24 Watt
  • Operated by: App & Controller
  • 2 year warranty of self-cleaning mechanism
  • The glass-pack can be selected by the customer  Fluid tank is individually managed and located in the  stained-glass window or installed outsideif required.
Stained-glass window with  Self-cleaning & ventilation  system
iRNERO multifunctional stained-glass  window consists of two-part frame

The first part is standard aluminum frame, and in  the second part is the self-cleaning and ventilation  mechanism which is unique and represents company invention.

Product Specification


Requirements & replacements

In the upper part of the frame is located both cleaning & ventilation system  plate, engine and other necessary details. The replacement of the  mechanism is easy to change-all parts can be removed/assembled from  internal side, which demonstrates the operational and health safety  awareness and no need of expensive specialists services.
Cleaning fluid is placed in the tank in the frame. The window square  determines the size of the fluid to be used. The fluid in the tank provides  6-8 cleaning.

iRNERO Stained-Glass Window Advantages

Users are able to save money in cleaning

No restriction of design in color or other


Integrated self-cleaning system to avoid risk of dangerous work and additional costs for cleaning

Easy to operate: no need to wait expensive cleaning company. Start cleaning remotely

Official warranty from company

All parts can be replaced from internal side


Integrated ventilation system of expensive add-ons to the window

Self-Cleaning Mechanism


The self-cleaning mechanism is cleaning window glass 100% in a very short  period.
By using the control panel or application, the fluid is switched on and in the
automatic mode, the glass cleaner begins to act.
Innovative technologies exclude humans direct contact with the window, various
difficulties, risks and costs associated with this.
The company’s innovative self-cleaning mechanism and ventilation system are  the main competitive advantage in comparison with other stained glass  windows.
Glass Cleaner

Ventilation system



We proudly admire that have solved the ventilation problem with very cheap and reliable  method. In the upper part of our stained-glass window installed the ventilation system, which is controlled remotely or by application
The ventilation system can be left open at any time and noise doesn’t come from outside

Ventilation system advantages


The ventilation system developed by the company eliminates the  need for expensive ventilation system.

No noise is coming

It is protected from insects

it will not affect any sediment and dust

Safety guaranteed