What is an ozonator?


a colorless gas of crystalline modification, constantly contained in the atmosphere and formed during lightning discharges, has the color of an evaporating vapor, with a bluish tinge, with a specific odor. Ozone is a very unstable gas; it immediately decomposes into oxygen and a negatively charged ion. Ozone has the chemical formula Oz, translated from Greek, ozone means hoo – smell. Ozone destroys all known microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, their spores, cysts, etc .. Ozone is 51% stronger than chlorine and acts 15-20 times faster. Ozone acts on spore forms of bacteria 3000 times stronger than chlorine. Ozonizers are used for sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, destruction of mold and fungi. But the ozonizer is not only sterilization and disinfection. In addition to the bactericidal action of ozone, its ability to increase the oxygen content in arterial blood and improve tissue respiration is also widely known. Once in the human blood, ozone immediately begins its therapeutic effect. First of all, the nutrition and respiration of those organs and parts of the body to which the constricted sclerotic vessels cannot deliver the required amount of blood improves. Improves blood circulation in the brain and increases human performance. The blood itself becomes less viscous, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, thrombosis of the lower extremities


Ozonizer application areas


  • Disinfection, deodorization;
  • Food processing (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs);
  • Air cleaning and ozonation;
  • Whitening clothes;
  • Chlorine elimination;
  • Giving linen color;
  • Mineral water production;
  • Elimination of dandruff, getting rid of acne;
  • Pet care, care for aquarium;
  • In medical institutions,
  • In public transport,
  • In gyms for air and water purification
  • To clean the air in closed spaces. Eliminating fungal diseases .. These properties of ozone are used by ozone therapy.

Water ozonation


Water is the most important element without which life would be impossible. The human body is 80% water. Every day a person drinks several liters of water, the quality of which, with today’s ecology, leaves much to be desired. You can improve the quality of our water by ozonation. When ozonization occurs the process of disinfection and purification of water. Household ozonizer – a device that produces ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent capable of destroying viruses and bacteria, and also, unlike chlorine, by oxidation destroys the hydrocarbons that are present in water. Although the water has been learned to treat with ozone for more than a hundred years, but only in the last 30 years, due to the fact that the production of ozonizers has become simpler, they have become more intensively introduced into the process of its purification. The household water ozonizer is designed to clean and disinfect water. Disinfecting and oxidizing properties of ozone, which is produced by a water ozonizer, are used to prepare water for consumption. A water ozonizer is used in the production of bottled water. Before filling, an excess dose of ozone is pumped into the water, which, after plugging the containers, stands out from the water, sterilizes the plug and the upper part of the bottle. Due to the fact that the life cycle of ozone in the water is too small, it quickly turns into oxygen, giving the taste of spring water. The advantages of ozonated water:

the absence of pathogenic and saprophytic microbes due to the damaging effects of ozone;
after ozonation, the quality of water for the better changes significantly;
the color of the water becomes a bluish color, like a spring;
water becomes more pleasant and better absorbed by the body;
water has no unpleasant odors (even those that were present before the ozonation process are destroyed);
during ozonation, no additional substances and chemical compounds are formed.

Air ozonation


The bactericidal effect of air ozonization for 5-7 minutes is identical to the bactericidal effect of quartz radiation for one hour. When processing closed premises, ozone has a bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus, on pathogens of cholera, typhoid, dysentery, plague, etc. atypical pneumonia, etc. Ozone cleans the air from tobacco smoke, mold fungi, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, smells from cooking, the “aromas” of pets and chemicals. Ozone disinfects the air, oxidizing impurities of various substances, giving a pleasant freshness – the smell of thunderstorms. Ozone reacts with most organic and inorganic substances, resulting in oxygen, water, carbon oxides and higher oxides of other elements. All of these products are completely harmless and are constantly present in pure natural air.

Room ozonation


Ozone has a powerful bactericidal effect, is able to effectively destroy various types of mold fungi and yeast. Ozone disinfection is most appropriate to use where other means are difficult to apply or even impossible. Disinfects and deodorizes residential and utility rooms (bathroom and toilet rooms, cabins, cabinets, refrigerator, etc.). Especially important is the use of an ozonizer in rooms with working air conditioners and heaters. Passing through air conditioners and heaters, the air loses oxygen, and the toxic components, on the contrary, become more, because air is not updated. Air conditioners themselves are a source of contamination and contamination – because of the humidity, microbes and bacteria multiply very quickly in them. Many people know “closed room syndrome”, when headache, fatigue, frequent colds appear. Air ozonizers for such rooms is the best way to solve the problem. Food ozonization First of all, it should be noted that ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent, which allows it to disinfect everything around, destroying bacteria, viruses, microbes and fungi. The ozonizer allows you to oxidize various organic and inorganic pollutants, which translates them into forms that are safe for the body or insoluble compounds, kill the entire pathogenic microflora, and also eliminate unpleasant odor or taste. Using an ozonizer, improvement of many properties of products is achieved, their shelf life increases. Besides the fact that a household ozonizer destroys pathogenic microflora, eggs and larvae of various parasites, it also contributes to the neutralization of various pesticides, nitrates and toxic chemicals in plant products, and hormones are neutralized in animal products. Ozone is able to remove chlorine and other toxic substances, but the oxygen content increases significantly. It is noted that the taste of food after processing products with an ozonizer, markedly improved. When ozonating air in the home refrigerator increases the safety of various vegetables and fruits. It is useful to wash vegetables and fruits before freezing, which allows them to be disinfected from microflora and harmful chemical compounds. Well and, of course, it is worth processing products immediately before use or preparation. Let us describe, for example, the process of ozonation of products:  Place vegetables, fruits, meat, fish or eggs in water, lower the tubule along which gas will go, and turn on the device for 10-15 minutes.  Drain the water with foam or mucus released from the product and rinse the product thoroughly. After that, it can be eaten (for vegetables and fruits) or subjected to further culinary processing. The same pattern is used for ozone grains. Well, ozonation of water will make it softer, remove tastes, decompose chlorine, various colloidal solutions of some metals (aluminum, iron, manganese, copper) will precipitate. Mineral water can also be ozonized, since ozone does not affect other minerals. Sometimes it is recommended to carry out ozone neutralization, even alcoholic beverages. Meat ozonization The treatment of meat with ozone can destroy microbes, viruses, fungi and bacteria, destroy and remove chemically harmful substances, mold. In addition, hormones and various growth stimulants are neutralized. Nutritional substances such treatment does not destroy. Before cooking, the meat is placed in enameled, glass, ceramic or plastic dishes. Iron, aluminum or copper cookware with an ozonizer is not used. Then water is poured so as to cover the product, the tube from the ozonizer is lowered into it, and a household water ozonizer can be used. The device itself is located above the water level to avoid water entering it through the tube. Then the exposure time is set, after which the household ozonizer is turned on, and after the specified time has elapsed, the device automatically stops its operation. It should be borne in mind that ozone affects about 10 cm in depth. The processing session can last 10-15 minutes, the maximum time can reach half an hour. At the same time all foreign impurities come out of the meat! Ozone therapy is successfully used in almost all areas of medicine:  restoration of the intestinal microflora;  restoration of intestinal motor function;  treatment of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, arthrosis;  treatment of infectious diseases, including herpes, hepatitis;  radiation injuries;  gangrene;  skin diseases, etc. A bath from ozonized water. It is used to stimulate the systemic circulation, heal wounds, combat skin diseases, activate detoxification processes, and improve respiratory functions. Ozonated bath to take for 30 minutes at a water temperature of 38-40 ° C. Do not immerse the heart zone in water. What materials should be ozone dishes? Glass, ceramic, wooden, plastic, enameled (without chips and cracks). Can not use metal, while